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The Collector's Gallery - Fine Canadian Art

Group Show
June 27 - Jul 20, 2019


Frederic Marlett Bell-Smith RCA OSA SCA
Crossing the River by Tintern Abbey
10.75 x 16.75 in.  Watercolour

William Brymner RCA OSA CAC
Sailboats at Harbour 1878
9.75 x 13.75 in.  Watercolour

William Nichol Cresswell RCA OSA
Off the Ovens, Mt. Desert
6.75 x 14.25 in.  Watercolour

Allan Aaron Edson RCA OSA SCA
Forest Interior
10 x 14 in.  Watercolour

Robert Harris RCA OSA PPCM
Mt. Hurricane, Glenmore, NY
6 x 8.25 in.  Oil on Board
$ 800 CDN

Thomas Mower Martin RCA OSA
Meandering Stream by Mountains
108.5 x 55.5 in.  oil on canvas

Thomas Mower Martin RCA OSA
Wittling Away
7.5 x 9 in.  Watercolour

Marmaduke Matthews RCA OSA
Along The Edge of a Sunlit Meadow
13 x 26 in.  Watercolour

Marmaduke Matthews RCA OSA
Marsh at Sunset
8.5 x 19.5 in.  Watercolour

Marion Hope Nelson Hooker OSA
Woodland Stroll in Spring
20 x 13.25 in.  oil on canvas

Lucius O'Brien RCA OSA
Winter Sleigh Ride 1873
12.75 x 18.25 in.  Watercolour and Gouche

William Raphael RCA OSA SCA
Rafting on the Ottawa River
12 x 17 in.  oil on canvas

Julian Ruggles Seavey OSA
Country Living
12 x 18 in.  oil on canvas

Frederick A. Verner ARCA OSA
Cattlee in the Mist, 1902
23 x 36 in.  oil on canvas

Homer Watson RCA CAC OSA
Steam Train a Coming
7.5 x 11.4 in.  Oil on Board

Charles Jones (C.J.) Way RCA SCA
Mountain lake, Quebec
6.5 x 9.25 in.  Watercolour

Charles Jones (C.J.) Way RCA SCA
Springtime in the Mountains
6.75 x 9.5 in.  oil on canvas
$ 1300 CDN

Robert Reginald Whale ARA ARCA OSA
9 x 13.2 in.  oil on canvas