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Thomas Mower Martin RCA OSA
London born, Thomas Mower Martin was educated in Enfield, England at a military institution. He began drawing and drafting after becoming employed by a building contractor.
Thomas Mower Martin had a continual growing interest in painting and began to teach himself how to paint, however he did have formal training at the South Kensington School under Humphreys.
In 1862, he bought a farm in the Muskoka region of Ontario, from a newspaper advertisment. The Mower Martins had little food to eat as their newly aquired farmland was poor quality. Thomas Mower Martin and his wife survived for a year on this farm through hunting small game. Thomas Mower Martin bought another farm at York Mills and left the Muskoka region.
At this time Thomas Mower Martin began painting full-time through a number of commission through Canada and the United States of America.
Thomas Mower Martin became a member of a group of artists called the Railway Painters when he traveled into western Canada on the Canadian Pacific Railway with fellow artists F.M Bell Smith and Marmaduke Matthews in 1887(8).He returned to Western Canada every year for ten years.
Canada, was published in 1907, with text by Wilfred Campbell and included seventy-seven of Thomas Mower Martins paintings; landscapes and animal scenes.
Thomas Mower Martin was a founding member of both the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts and the Ontario Society of Artists.
In 1934, at the age of 95 years old, Thomas Mower Martin died in Toronto, Ontario.He was still painting within a few months prior to passing away.

National Art Gallery of Canada, Ontario
National Archives, Ontario
Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Quebec
Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario
Art Gallery of Ontario, Ontario
Department of Public Works, Toronto, Ontario
Glenbow Foundation, Calgary, Alberta
Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia
Vancouver City Museum, Vancouver, British Columbia
Windsor Castle, England
The Jules Loeb Collection, Toronto, Ontario