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The Collector's Gallery - Fine Canadian Art

Francis A. Willey
Francis A. Willey is a Canadian born Artist, Poet and Composer.
He is a 35mm film photographer and traditional darkroom artist, and is one of the
authors of the ‘The Stimulant’ an environmental developer catalyzed to lessen the toxic
effect of the traditional darkroom on the environment and the photographers health.
His work has been exhibited, published and awarded internationally, in New York City,
Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, and Teramo, Italy. His photographs are collected
internationally and are part of the National Portrait Gallery of London,UK.
His photographic book 'Ghost' was awarded at the Prix De La Photogprahie Paris (PX3)
Awards in the Fine Art category. His “Mythos” series was awarded in Los Angeles in the
Fine Art Nudes category at the International Photography Awards, Lucies.
His photograph "Blindness" has caused political and social reverberation, through
deliberate appropriation of the work in a multitude of cultures, countries and religions
He is currently represented by Kodakone & Art+Commerce Agency NYC for Vogue
Italia, as well as The Collector’s Gallery of Art in Calgary.
He is a mentor to many emerging photographers as one of the founders of SEITIES a
traditional photography publication + gallery that is dedicated to international artists who
work with traditional methods of production in contemporary photography.
He believes that a deeper, more compassionate culture can be created through the arts.
As an outsider artist, he has always been questing for and seeking refuge in a higher

• National Portrait Gallery, London
• Brian Eno, London
• Chrysta Bell, Los Angeles
• Duncan Sinclair, Vancouver
• JJ Cortez, New York
• Azure Parsons, Los Angeles
• Yann Martel, Saskatchewan
• Naheed Nenshi, Calgary
• Justin Trudeau, Canada
• Philip Glass, New York

• Vogue (Italia & Germany)
• WikiArt (Visual Art Encyclopedia)
• Series of dreams (US)
• Art on Paper & Global Women(US)
• Sang Bleu (Switzerland)
• Kunst & Fine Art Photo(Germany)
• Fotoblur & SHOTS (US)
• Dong (France)
• Mystery (Greece)
• Adbusters & PH Magazine (CAN)
• Adore Noir (CAN)
• PhotoED (CAN)

• 2017 - 26th Annual International LA Photographic Art Expo, The Reef
• 2016 - Modern Photography Collection and Catalog, Jeschke
van Vliet Auction House, Berlin
• 2015 - Festival HR Giger Tribute,Cultural Assoc. DS, Teramo,Italy
• 2012 - The Salon Romantique, AXIS Art Gallery, Exposure
Photography Festival
• 2008 Art and Man, Art Berliner Prizes & Distinctions
• 2018 Calgary's People’s Portrait Prize winner (Blindness) Longing
of a Ghost
• 2016 New York Center for Photographic Art, B&W
Honourable Mention, New York, Ghost Book
• 2014 PX3 Paris, 3rd Place Fine Art Photo, France.
• 2013 Calgary Fashion, Culture Ambassador in Photography.
• 2013 Honourable Mention, IPA, New York Mythos 2012 IPA, 3rd Place Lucie Award Fine Art Nude,Los Angeles

2019 – IDENTITY-Mount Royal University (Exposure Festival)
2019 – The Blindness, Plus +15 Public galleries
2019 – The Stimulant -Environmental Darkroom -Arts Commons (Lightbox
2018 – Oracles of Nature. Arts Commons (Exposure Festival)
2016 – Daphne. Jack Singer Concert Hall, Calgary Golden Wings, Rumble House,
2015 – Mystical Ecstasy, Musιe du Louvre, PARIS.
2015 – Dream of the Golden Violet, Feather Gallery, Calgary
2015 – The Salon Romantique Presents: The Nude, Entre Nous Gallery, Month of
Photography, Denver
2014 – Blindness, Ethics & Justice, Rush Arts Gallery, New York
2011 – The Big Picture, Illiterate Gallery, Denver
Light Proof: A Darkroom Photo Show, Untitled Arts Society, Calgary
2010 – Sang Blue 5, Magazine Tour. Milan, Bern & Zurich
2009 – the A New Romanticism, 101 Gallery, David Walker Wines, Calgary
2008 – Vision of a Ghost, ab Project Galerie, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week,Berlin
2008 – The Parlour kiss (Piano concert) Babylon Theatre, Berlin.
2008 – Longing of a Ghost (Solo Piano concert and exhibition) Cantos Music Foundation
2006 – Modern Amusement, Art Gallery of Calgary
2005 – MGMT first (Photographer) New York
2004 – Immortalizing the NUDE-The Saddlery Gallery, Edmonton
2004 – Canada’s next top model (Photographer)
1995-2002 – Various group exhibitions in Edmonton.
1994 – 1000 Candle Power Flash, Thee House of Shaamonn Gallery, Edmonton

2020 - The Collectors' Gallery of Art, Calgary, AB
2019 – Kodakone
2018 – Vogue Italia -Art + Commerce Agency
2016 – Jeschke van Vliet Auction House, Berlin

2011-2019 – Curator and Artistic Advisor of SEITIES Magazine and Gallery

2018 – Morpheus Visible
2014 – Mythos
2012 – The Romanticist
2011 – Ghost
2011 – Prayer for a Bird (Poetry)

2017 – Moonglow
2011 – The Parlour Kiss
2009 – When We Loved
2007 – Longing of a Ghost