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Asta (Almut) Dale ASA
Asta Dale, B.F.A., Diploma of Fine Arts

ASTA was born in Germany and had her primary and secondary schooling during and after the Second World War. She completed her Nursing Training in Hamburg and moved to London, England, where she did some postgraduate studies for State Registered Nursing. After living in England for eight years she settled in Calgary with her husband and three children.

She started drawing and painting in London and continued in Calgary in the Cont. Ed. Program. In 1978 she began full time studies at the Alberta College of Art and graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts in 1982. She continued part time studies at the University of Calgary with a completion of her B.F.A. in 1989.

Since then she participated in Emma Lake Workshops twice and was a participant at the Atlin Arts Centre five times.
She has travelled widely in Sweden, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain, England, Australia, Germany and lately in Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Russia, Turkey and Ecuador.

She has participated in annual shows at the Red Deer Arts Council and various Group Shows in Toronto, Edmonton, Banff, Halifax and Calgary.
Her first Solo Exhibition about “Love” was held at the Court House Gallery in Red Deer in 1992, which was followed by another about the environment “Animal Protest” at the same location in 1997. This same exhibition was shown at the Ferntree Gallery in Cochrane in 1998 and at the Edmonton Misericordia Hospital in 1999. In 2000 she participated in a Two-Man Show with a ceramicist in the Generation’s Gallery in Stony Plain about ‘Love’. In 2006 she had a Solo show about ‘Change’ at the Red Deer Arts Council. Her last Solo Show ‘Pulse of Istanbul’ was exhibited in 2012 in Red Deer.

ASTA values her intuition in her response to the complex world we live in and her paintings express this gut reaction. The relationships we nurture, our ambitions and the choices we make have an important input into who we are.
Her early influences were Picasso, Kandinsky and Rauschenberg. She recycles, reconstructs and manipulates.