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Faye HeavyShield

Faye  HeavyShield - Mural - Aahkiaapoohtsi/ Back Home  2019
Mural - Aahkiaapoohtsi/ Back Home 2019
Faye  HeavyShield - Detail of Mural - Outlandish 2019
Detail of Mural - Outlandish 2019
Faye  HeavyShield - Detail of Mural - Writing on Stone
Detail of Mural - Writing on Stone

Please email the gallery to view more works by Faye HeavyShield.

HeavyShield, a member of the Kainai Nation, lives and works on the Blood Reserve in Southern Alberta. A fluent speaker of Blackfoot, language is central to her practice as is land and community. The interface between the artist and homeland have been featured in installations such as outlandish 2009, body of land 2004 and calling stones (conversations) 2018.
Artist Statement
Aahkiaapoohktsi/back home is a look at the diverse landscape that is home.  Familiar sights of mountains, buttes, river valleys, coulees and dirt roads all are familial ground.