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Liv Pedersen

Liv Pedersen - Play Time 1, 2019
Play Time 1, 2019
9.8 x 7.3 in.  Hand woven work 
Liv Pedersen - Play Time 2, 2019
Play Time 2, 2019
9.8 x 7.3 in.  Hand woven work 
Liv Pedersen - Play Time 3,  2019
Play Time 3, 2019
9.8 x 7.3 in.  Hand woven work 
Liv Pedersen - Play Time 4, 2019
Play Time 4, 2019
9.8 x 7.3 in.  Hand woven work 

Please email the gallery to view more works by Liv Pedersen.

Liv Pedersen has a 1978 diploma in painting from Alberta College of Art. The same year she became a mother and changed her focus to tapestry weaving. She had in 1973 emigrated from Denmark with a degree in social work together with her husband. They both sought further education. Her love for art persisted while working with mentally challenged students for 26 years as support staff for the Catholic School Board in Calgary. It proved most helpful to become a member of the artist run Centennial Gallery, Alberta Craft Council, Alberta Society of Artists and Canadian Tapestry Network. She has been in numerous juried local, national and international shows, some of which were prestigious fibre shows in China, Australia, the US, Poland and Rumania. Her small scale tapestries are represented in public and private collections in Canada, Australia and Europe.

Artist Statement

Motherhood started for me right after art school. Soon my work told stories about the children and their fun filled lives. Now I am a grandmother and weave other images. When commissioned to weave kids on a playground it was like a full circle was completed. It brings back memories and empathy for young immigrant mothers of today, their struggles to keep their children happy and healthy in spite of social and financial challenges.