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The Collector's Gallery - Fine Canadian Art

The Collectors' Gallery carries important original works of art including paintings, works on paper, and sculpture by Canadian masters from pre-Confederation to the present day. The Collectors' Gallery also represents over 30 prominent contemporary Canadian artists.

At The Collectors' Gallery we work to find the right art works for you. Whether your interests lie with historical or contemporary Canadian art, we will help you find the best works of art needed to start or compliment your personal or corporate collection. Quality and trust is very important to us. We take pride in the art works we carry, and the artists we represent. No questions are too trivial. In fact we encourage it. Our business is to clarify any queries you may have on art.

Buying quality art does not have to be a costly venture. With over 20 years of experience, The Collectors' Gallery has the expertise to counsel you on building a collection within the budget you have available.. We are committed to offering you quality investment art with exceptional service and advice. Also, inquire about our payment plan. At the Collectors' Gallery, we believe purchasing art should be enjoyable and financially rewarding.

Deciding to purchase a work of art is not always easy. We recommend you take paintings or sculptures home on approval and spend some time with them before you make any commitments. It is very important to us that you are very happy with the art you purchase from us.

Why should you consider quality art in your portfolio?

  • Quality historical and contemporary art works have appreciated and are continuing to rise in value.
  • In accordance with Revenue Canada, Canadian art is a tax deductible expense for your office, business, or company, thus sheltering you from higher taxes while increasing your net worth and improving your asset mix.
  • There is an aesthetic value, pride and status that comes with owning quality art.
  • When you purchase Canadian art work you are supporting the arts in Canada.

Throughout Canada's history many important artists have captured the diversity of this country; it's landscape, culture and people. The early topographical artists portrayed this rugged uncharted landscape and its inhabitants with a romantic vision and a European sentiment. Early R.C.A. and genre painters shared this romantic sensibility with an added humanistic quality. Important artists from this period include Paul Kane, Cornelius Kreighoff, William Hind, Lucius O'Brien, George Agnew Reid and Robert Harris.

By the end of the 19th century, a retaliation against the art salons and academies occurred in France with the advent of Impressionism. At this time Canadian artists such as J. W. Morrice, Maurice Cullen, Helen McNicoll, Clarence Gagnon and many others travelled to Europe to study and paint. Through the use of light, colour and technique, this new form of artistic expression took root in Canada.

By the 1920s the Group of Seven and their contemporaries began to paint in a style that best captured the spirit and exuberance of our youthful country. With their vigorous brush strokes, bold interpretations and affinity to the Canadian landscape, they painted images that reflect our country and its unique character.

From the nineteen-forties through the nineteen-seventies, Canadian post-war and modernist painters such as Paul-Emile Bourduas, Rita Letendre and Jack Bush introduced to Canadians an internationalism that was both avant-garde and radical. Today, contemporary artists continue to define our cultural heritage, explore artistic processes and challenge the viewer.

The Collectors' Gallery focuses on offering the finest examples of art from these significant periods of our cultural legacy. As part of our services the gallery also conducts art evaluations, consultations, and facilitates commissions and requests for specific art works.